Our adventurers shipwrecked on a deserted island, well, it was not deserted but looked like it. They were visited by undead, and Pixies, and happy dancing trees.
Little did they know that acquiring a ship on the island was easy, but who they liberated it from and then burnt it in the harbor, made someone more upset than a two headed snake.
Hooknose the Pirate Lorde vowed to find this band or miscreants and make them pay for the ship and a hold full of silver ore, resting at the bottom of the harbor docks.

The band has traveled up the road to the north to a new city. They they have set up an adventuring company and enlisted a paying job from the steward of the city. Renting the entire third level of the inn, they have set up a good repore with the city of 10,000 people and the local tradesmen.
An paying quest has led them to a cave in the hills just off the path inland about 3 miles. In it they have found a bunch of bandits and unknown to them, an undead. The undead paid them a little head, but was not intentionally worried, and let his brigade die, and escape to fight another day.

Hooknose the Pirate Lorde